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KMPlayer Final Portable

Писане  Zdenek on Вто 18 Мар 2008, 23:19

KMPlayer е безплатен мощен аудио и видео плейър, който поддържа широк списък от кодеци и файлови формати. Предлага и пълна VCD/DVD функционалност. Програмата позволява разширяване на възможностите й чрез plugin-и, а също така разполага и с вградени аудио и видео кодеци.

Този плейър е с богат набор от филтри за декодирене на аудио и видеофайлове направо след неговата инсталция,без да е необходима намеса от ваша страна.

Интересно е да споменем и възможността за работа директно със съдържанието на имидж файлове и стандартни архиви(.zip и .rar.).

Като възможности за настройка това се оказа най-добре подготвеният плейър,особено с архитектурата му,позволяваща интеграция на разнообразен брой външни филтри! Плейърът се инсталира много лесно и е напълно безплатен! По време на тестовете с този плейър не e установен някакъв недостатък или липса на важна функционалност,даже напротив впечатлението от неговото представяне е изключително голямо!"


Added an option to remove the bracket display of title.

Added an extra option to remember the played position for audio files.

Added an extra function to start playback in 1.5x, 2.0x, and maximized window.

Added a function to auto load an external audio.

Added a function to load next subtitle file. (Shift+L)

Added a mouse wheel function to go back and forward 1 frame at a time.

Added an additional mouse wheel control. (Ctrl+Alt, Shift+Alt, Ctrl+Shift Wheel)

Added a function to disable auto-restore with video playback starting in system tray.

Changed the method of saving a default playlist (album) resulting in the speedup of loading huge playlists.

Added a menu to start frame extraction instantly.

Added an extra option to disable the display of playback time in scroll lock function.

Added an option to turn off the bottom left message showed a file name up while opening a new file.

Added a function to adjust video window from outside.

Added Conditional Pan & Scan to auto adjust the vertical position and frame size while starting playback.

Added an additional condition (extension, fps, resolution) to disable KMP video transform filter.

Added a conditional resampling to internal audio decoder.

Renewed the function of "play the next file in folder".

Integrated the settings of similar/all files in folder.

Added a function to make a storyboard.

Added a function to go to previous/next chapter/bookmark (Alt+PgUp/PgDn)

Improved KMP stream switcher

Added MPEG4/VC1 support in KMP MPEG2 PS/TS spltter.

Added Chapter/Track Language support in KMP MPEG4 splitter.

Added many capture formats (ASF, MP4, MOV, PSP, 3GP, MPEG 1, MPEG 2, MPEG TS, FLV)

Added a function to parse LRC lyric file as a subtitle

Fixed a problem of not closing with some URLs.

Fixed a bug of occurring an error while closing some files.

Added a function to display subtitle rightly under video image.

Icons for media files are changed (Thanks, arsene).

Fixed a bug of causing a high cpu usage while holding on a key.

Fixed a bug in the combination of resize and screen expansion.

Improved KMP RealMedia Splitter to support more real formats.

Added "Load External Audio" menu (playback will be restarted).

Enhanced multiple subtitles support.

Added a skin command to display a file icon on skin .

Added skin commands for Hue and Gamma.

Added the function of video output queue.

Subtitles will be displayed more clearly.

Fixed the error of Didée's level filter.

Improved the VC-1 support in KMP MPEG PS/TS Splitter. (still experimental)

Changed the buffer structure of KMP Splitters to improve the connection from KMP HTTP Reader.

Added the function of Playback Queue in playlist editor.

Added an option to start a video window on the center of screen.

Added the feature of Track Announcement in filters menu which reads a title or filename using TTS.

Added an option to display DVD subtitles by default.

Added an option to remember the shuffle mode of each playlist. (Must enable in the menu of playlist editor > manage album)

Added a checkbox of VC-1 in preferences > internal video decoder.

Added a feature to play .ra files (unable to seek).

Added a timer to shutdown Windows.

Added VC-1 selector in the external video decoder section of preferences.

Added OGM chapter support in KMP Ogg/OGM splitter.

Added MKV, OGM formats to videoclip capture (alt+c).

Slightly Changed the window of preferences.

Improved the playback of mobile formats (skm, k3g).

Improved the playback of VC-1 with internal video decoder.

Fixed a bug of restoring a video window when switching a skin in full screen.

Fixed the problem of not correctly parsing DTS audio in KMP MPEG TS splitter.

Added RGB gamma correction.

Fixed the problem of losing an audio information when switching audio streams.

Changed the priority of splitters and decoders. Do not forget to update english.ini manually.

Added EVR C/A (Enhanced Video Renderer Custom Allocator).

The font style/alignment of 2nd and 3rd subtitles can be configured separately.

Added an option to auto adjust subtitle font size to video frame.

Imporved the operations of KMP MOV/MPEG TS & PS parser etc.

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